PhoneSheriff Cell Phone Tracking System


Over the past 7 years or so PhoneSheriff has been considered one of the best mobile phone tracking software in the world. It helps parents monitor the activities of their kids on a smartphone. With great monitoring features to find out what is going on, this monitoring software also allows parents to place certain restrictions on the phone to help control usage as well.

With PhoneSheriff, monitoring kids and their actions become a lot easier. With the simple step by step instructions, you will be ready to begin monitoring in no time at all. Simply install the mobile monitoring app directly onto their smartphone, and it starts silently recording their activities. Whenever you wish to check in to see what they have been doing, just login to your secure online account.

PhoneSheriff incorporates both stealth and non stealth options for tracking & monitoring. Its stealth logging features inform you of the activities taking place on the phone so you know what is going. Some of the logging features include:

Logging Features

  • GPS Locations
  • Texts Messages
  • Emails
  • Call Details
  • Website Visited
  • Photos
  • Apps installed
  • Contacts

Its non stealth options such as filtering and blocking allow you to have more parental control over what is accessible and what is not. Some of the PhoneSheriff filtering and blocking features include:

restrict employee phone

Filtering & Blocking

  • Time Restrictions
  • Application Filtering
  • Website Blocking
  • SMS/Call Blocking
  • Geo-fencing

The PhoneSheriff parental control software even offers the ability to monitor and control your child’s phone from your own phone. With the SMS commands, you can retrieve certain information or even restrict usage. The SMS command features include:

SMS Commands

  • Lock/Unlock Phone
  • Instant GPS location
  • SIM change Information
  • Remote Wipe

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Cell phone tracking in a unique way

Today all employees and parents are face to face with the common question of how to watch kids and employees when they go about using fast internet on their super fast mobile devices. Robust phone monitoring software like PhoneSheriff is a smart way to monitor phones with stealth tracking, private online control panel and many logging features.

You can log all call info, emails, SMS texts, apps installed, chats, websites, photos and videos received or sent from the phone. It also comes with custom alerts for profanity, SIM changes or wrong PIN attempts and Geo-fencing. You can filter/block contacts, content, apps, websites and issue time restrictions per changing needs. PhoneSheriff has options to restore, backup and reset to factory settings, or parents can even remotely remove the software. It seems that the software company has tried to put a very helpful, useful and judicious handy FAQ section to keep their customer base informed.