Cell Phone Spy: What You Need to Know

cell phone spyCell phone spy applications are very popular these days and a lot of people are planning to buy these apps, in order to take advantage of the many benefits they can provide. If you would search the Internet, you will discover that there are several mobile phone spy applications already available on the web. But before you decide to purchase one of these spy apps, you need to know some facts about them. It would also be a wise to do some research and to fully understand their function and what you can expect from a cell phone spy software.

Spying on mobile phones is not a new thing; it has been done before by telecommunication companies and some government agencies. Whenever the government, especially the C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency) would want to track the whereabouts of a person or to conduct some surveillance activities against a group of individuals. They usually deploy a mobile phone spying application to track the activities these individuals whom they suspect to be collaborating with international terrorist organizations. So, this is actually the concept of every spy app that is now widely marketed on the web.However, there are several reasons why normal individuals would want to use a spying application.

For starters, it’a suitable for parents who want to track the location of their kids. Most cell phone spy app has the capability to track the GPS locations of the phone and its user. This is quite handy in emergency situations when you want to reach the location of your children in the least possible time. This spy software is also beneficial for business owners who want to monitor the daily activities of their employees. If you want to know the exact routine that they’ve been doing all these years on the office, then you can use a spy app to know the truth. Lastly, for doubting husbands and wives who want to catch a cheating spouse and get the evidence through their partner’s cell phone.A mobile phone spying software is the most efficient tool for these surveillance activities.

How does a cell phone spy software works?


This spy app is considered to be a “digital product” and can be downloaded once you bought a license. Basically, the license will give you the chance to use the full potential of the software and is broken down to 3 months, 6 months or yearly license. Depending on how long you’re going to use the spy app, it’s all up to you.Another important thing that you need to understand is the fact that the software should be installed directly on the phone you want to monitor.

The estimated time for the whole installation process will run from 10 minutes to 20 minutes max. Therefore, you need to physically access your target phone, because it’s the only way you can install the application. The target phone should also be connected to the Internet, so that you can download the spy app through the phone’s web browser. In fact, you need to go to the download page of the company where you bought the application and download the spy app there.

If your target phone is an iPhone, then it needs to be jailbroken first before you can install any mobile phone spy application on that particular smartphone. The latest update of iOs prevents any third party software to be installed on Apple Products, especially on the iPhone. Spy apps are considered as third party software andis blocked by the newest update of iOs. You also need to know that phone spy applications cannot be installed remotely. There are rumours on the web about spy apps that can integrate itself on the target phone through a remote installation method. These claims are not true and even if we want that particular feature, it’s not possible with our current technology.

Is Mobile Phone Spy Apps Worth Buying?

In my opinion, it will depend on your goals and what you really want to achieve. If you’re the person who just wants to try this application without a long-term objective, then you’re just wasting your money. These spy apps are developed for people who have specific needs that can only be satisfied with this particular application. That’s why mobile phone spy apps are best for concerned parents, business owners or someone who wants to know if his/her spouse is cheating. Compared to other methods like hiring a private investigator or buying other bugging device on the market which is more expensive and unreliable, getting a spy software is the best option to take. Since, it will only cost $40-50 dollars for a 3-month license to use the software and that is way cheaper than any other method.

Considering the features that one can get from a mobile phone spy software and the results it can provide – it’s really worth your investment. Furthermore, it even has a money back guarantee, so it’s really risk-free!