PhoneSheriff Cell Phone Tracking System


The PhoneSheriff cell phone spy app is not only a powerful tool for monitoring the smartphone usage of your kids or cheating spouse, it is also great for business.

Employers issue their employees smartphones for use in their jobs such as sales rep, service technician, and delivery driver. However, issuing these smartphones in a business without the PhoneSheriff cell phone spy ware running on them leaves an employer wide open to all sorts of risks. Keep reading and see how PhoneSheriff has the answers to the risks.

The Risks of a Business Smartphone without PhoneSheriff

When you as an employer issue a smartphone to an employee without installing the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking app on it, you are opening yourself to risks such as:

  • Low productivity because of time wasting
  • Going to unauthorized locations
  • No way to track the expense
  • No protection from theft or loss

Low productivity is probably your greatest risk when issuing business smartphones without the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking app running on them. This is because employees are tempted to pass the day chatting with friends via SMS, making personal calls, and visiting websites that are not for business purposes.

PhoneSheriff Features That Help You the Employer

restrict-employee-phoneWhile PhoneSheriff has many features, you will find these to be the most beneficial for an employer issuing business smartphones:

  • Website visit tracking
  • Apps accessed
  • Utilization reporting
  • Time restrictions and other blocking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Protection if the phone is lost or stolen

Keep reading for a brief explanation of how you the employer and subscriber of the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking system get help in these areas:

Identifying the Time Wasters

Employee time wasting is costly for a business. The risks of wasted time doing nonsense web browsing, chats with SMS, running game apps, making personal calls were mentioned previously.

With PhoneSheriff, you can see just how much your employee is involved in these time wasting activities. Furthermore, you can block websites, apps, place call restrictions, and limit the time that that smartphone can be used.

Comprehensive Utilization Reporting

When you issue smartphones to employees, it is crucial to keep utilization under control. Excessive calls and SMS messages can be quite costly. PhoneSheriff provides a robust set of utilization charts that you can see right from the subscriber control panel that covers the frequency of:

  • Text messages and the contacts
  • Calls made along with the contacts
  • Websites visited to include the URL
  • Email traffic with the addresses
  • Apps ran

These charts give you the subscriber a one-look at the monitored device’s utilization and can spot places where it is not for business. For example, if the top 10 websites visited shows high utilization of Facebook then it should raise concern and warrant further research.

Real-time Location and Control

With the PhoneSheriff cell phone spy software, you can also see the routes that your employee takes when away from the office. You can even go one step further and activate geofencing to define boundaries that your employee should stay within when away. These features help you avert employees being away from the office at places they shouldn’t be.

Adding to real-time control, you get a robust set of features for issuing remote control commands to the monitored smartphone should it be suspected that it is lost or stolen. From your subscriber control panel you can lock the device, sound an audible alarm on it, and wipe its data content clean to include removing the spy app if it appears you will not get the device returned. This protects the business-sensitive information that may be contained on a company smartphone.

As an employer issuing smartphones to your employees, you cannot afford to be without the PhoneSheriff cell phone tracking app running on them. Find out more from PhoneSheriff review at and learn how to protect your business assets. Order and install the PhoneSheriff spy app on their smartphones before you issue them and you are unlikely to have these problems.