Mobistealth Cell Phone Spy Software

For parents and employers, getting the big picture about what is happening with those under their responsibility is a must. These are your children and employees—the ones whom you are responsible for. When your children have cell phones that you bought them and your employees have company-purchased cell phones, it gives them the potential to get out from under your responsible care for a while. This is something you obviously don’t want. And, this is where the Mobistealth cell phone spy software solves this problem for you.


The Perks of Mobistealth

Mobistealth is full of perks making it an all-around robust tool for tracking any cell phone. It is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia/Symbian phones and with it you get capabilities for:

  • Comprehensive control panel tracking
  • Logging all activities on the target phone
  • Locating a cell phone in spite of GPS
  • Intuitive installation
  • Real-time information gathering
  • Tapping of multimedia capabilities

Mobistealth Puts You Back in Control

Using these tools together, you as a parent can detect that your teenager may be up to no good like hanging out with friends who are a bad influence or planning to go to a party where you suspect alcohol will be available. Mobistealth gives you the ability to be proactive instead of reactive.

Then, there is the situation where you are an employer with employees carrying around the phones that you issued them for work-related purposes. Wouldn’t you like to make sure that the purpose for issuing their phone is complied with?

Comprehensive Control Panel

The Mobistealth control panel is one of the most comprehensive around and shows all information portals in an easy-to-navigate tabbed format.

The system pulls all the logs from the target phone at regular intervals. When you log into your control panel you will see logs for all:

  • SMS messages
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Blackberry chats
  • Web browsing
  • Locations
  • Calendar details

You can see all of the written communications that have taken place between the target phone user and to whom they were chatting. This includes SMS, emails, and Blackberry chats. If the person you are monitoring is up to something, more than likely text will get used so that the sender is not overheard.

But then again, some don’t like to put mischievous activities in writing so they’ll call instead. One of the tabs on the control panel is a log of the incoming and outgoing calls with the date/time, contact name, and call duration.

Mobistealth cell phone spy software also allows you to see any appointments that the target phone user has made which would also give you enough of a lead time to find out more. For instance, if your teenager is supposed to go to a party in two weeks you can ask her to give the party details. Of course you will have to phrase your questions in such a way so as not to give away that you are monitoring her phone.

Locating a Target Phone More than One Way

What happens when a phone cannot be located by GPS? It is not a problem with Mobistealth because the software has been designed to track a phone using wi-fi signals or nearby cellular towers to locate it.

Installation is a Breeze

You don’t need any special skills to install the app on the target phone. Probably the only challenge is getting total uninterrupted control of the target phone so that you can install the app and make any configuration settings. In other words, if you intend to run fully in stealth mode without the target user knowing then you must somehow get your hands on the phone and undetected as well.

Real-time Discovery

For the most part, viewing activities on the target phone at intervals will suffice. But then there are those times when you need to know information instantly and Mobistealth answers the call.

For example, say that you lose your phone or it is stolen. You may want to get the location as quickly as possible and track where it is going. In the control panel, you can decrease the polling interval so that you get frequent real-time updates.

Tap the Power of Multimedia

Pictures, videos, and surrounding sound recordings give the total picture as to where the target phone has been and what the user was doing with it. Plus, you get the words to go with them by way of SMS messages, emails, whom were contacted and who called.

Cell phones given to those you are responsible are a good thing but can leave you vulnerable if the temptation for the target users to use them wrongly is too much. Get Mobistealth cell phone monitoring software at today and get the best benefit of all and that is peace of mind.